I dreamt about a button the other night. This particular button is on a shirt I wore more often than I should have last week–a consequence of frantic packing for an unplanned trip–and it’s starting to come loose, leaving a thread that I found myself picking at absent-mindedly. In my dream, I pulled the thread and my shirt began to come apart at the seams. Not exactly a subtle message from my subconscious, given the events of the past 10 days: scary health stuff for very close family members, an emergency plane landing (not actually a huge deal, but on top of everything else…), and oh yeah, I turned 30 (that was actually awesome but not exactly minor).


Suffice to say, I’ve been feeling a bit like I’m not in control of things lately and if you know me at all, you know that this makes me a little…anxious. So I’ve been finding control where I can: I clean (every fridge I’ve been able to get my hands on is immaculate inside and out, mustards grouped together, sorry I didn’t get to the windows Mom); I bake (I am not above bribery via baked goods for healthcare workers to make sure my family is taken care of); I organize (my spices found new homes in perfect matching jars, with perfect clear labels); and, apparently, I sew.

If you want really detailed instructions on how to sew a button, the internet has plenty. For me, right now, I just wanted to keep this button from falling off, I don’t care how pretty or perfect it looks. So I pulled out my needle and thread, twisted a few knots, made a few loops, and called it a day. The button’s hanging in there, and so am I. It’s the best I can do.


Breathe. Everything will be ok.


8 thoughts on “Mending

  1. Christina, I am offering up my refridgerator if you need it!! (and my spice cupboard) Our prayers are with you and your family and sending our best wishes. I can totally empathize with how you feel…….Hang in there!


  2. Christina, it seems that we’ve all had a week like yours. I wish I had that energy to clean the refrigerator or bake but our news kind of shot me down. Get your prayers going for all the family and hang in there, things will get better. Hopefully, you had a nice 30th birthday.


    1. I was thinking about sending some brownies Grandpa’s way, I like to think they helped šŸ™‚

      I actually had a great birthday, which is why I’m looking at all of this as how incredibly lucky I am right now–everyone is ok or getting treated, and my plane landed safely. Can’t get much luckier than that!


  3. Some people sew buttons on when stressed. Others remove buttons when stressed. I have a whole jar of buttons if you need them. I benefited from the organized mustards but must say that I would have preferred them in disarray to avoid your crummy week. You will pull through this bad week, I know and it’s easy to say it will make you stronger but I know it has been very hard on you.


    1. HAHA, oh my god, I totally forgot about your buttons!!! That’s just perfect.

      And I’m glad you’re enjoying the mustards šŸ™‚ and I’m glad you had a great birthday too!


  4. Glad things are on the mend. As everyone else has said, my cupboards are desperate for organization! When I’m stressed I do tedious things, tedious repetitive things. It’s my way of coping. And controlling something as a lot of my stress comes from things being out of my control. Everything will be ok! And I wish I lived closer to have some of that bakery šŸ™‚


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