Market Goodies for May 4

Happy opening day for two of my favorite farmers markets in Chicago! Early spring greens, chives, and asparagus are out in full force along with some over-wintered root vegetables. And of course cheese, bread, and eggs. I was hoping for rhubarb, but I only spotted one bunch. Maybe next week!

Cheese and eggsMay 4 stashI took home radishes, garlic mustard greens, lettuce, garlic chives, purple asparagus, mixed mushrooms, bread, eggs (spring eggs are just about the prettiest things ever), and ricotta and feta.

CheeseOyster mushroomsMushroomsBreadAsparagusPotatoes


4 thoughts on “Market Goodies for May 4

  1. You make me envious. We are in a cooler climate in Rochester, NY and we are still waiting for fresh items at the farm markets. What abundance you have to select from. I made my summer lobster salad for a group of good friends this weekend and it would have been so much better with new potatoes and peas from the local farmers. What’s the food plan with all of these items? Bella, Christina!


    1. Yum, that salad was so good! I don’t have any real plans for my goodies–I used a little of the cheeses, bread, radishes, chives, along with some peppers, cucumber, and smoked salmon for a snacky lunch plate on Saturday, and lightly sauteed some of the greens to go with some Nadolski-made pierogies for dinner and with some over-easy eggs for breakfast. Not sure if the asparagus will be grilled, poached, or baked in a quiche (maybe with the mushrooms and more chives). We shall see!


  2. Christina I wish we lived next door so you’d feel sorry for us and send us goodies. The way you write about the food makes me hungry.


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