Market goodies for May 11

It’s 55 degrees and grey and drizzly this morning. Come on spring! Lettuce, radishes, chives, tulips, potted herbs and other starts, and lots and lots of asparagus at the market this week. I did see a bit more rhubarb, but I’m going to give it a few more weeks until I let loose with a pie. The most random thing this week? Four stands selling hunks of wood. I couldn’t figure it out until I looked more closely–it was apple wood, presumably for smoking. And I did find a new vendor for milk today! I have some kick-ass ice cream planned, and can’t wait for strawberries to go with whipped cream. Soon, soon….


Today’s take-home? Not much green, honestly. Purple asparagus, bread, cultured butter, milk, and cream. I forgot radishes though!

Today's take-homePecan sticky bunsLots of jarsPots of plantsGreen tomatoesBreadBeansDoesn't look very tasty, but lots of fiber!KalesHairy roots


2 thoughts on “Market goodies for May 11

  1. I hope you didn’t buy one of those monster cinnamon buns. Not good for preparing for the BoulderBoulder race!


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