Market goodies for May 18

These are the days I live for. I woke up on the absolute wrong side of the bed this morning, got flipped off by a crazy driver, everything was irritating me, I was just in a “Rar, world, why?” mood. Within 10 minutes of walking around the market (first time in Evanston this season), the metaphorical clouds were lifted and everything was right again.

Pretty little daffodils
How could a bad mood survive when these little guys are around?

Whether it was the amazingly perfect weather, the stacks of bright red rhubarb stalks I’ve been waiting for, remembering to bring my knives for sharpening, watching the little kids dance to the guitar music, unexpectedly running into a friend, chatting with the honey guy about maple syrup-making, not-so-discreetly inhaling the bunch of lilac sticking out of my bag for the better portion of my visit, or any or all of the above–it was perfect.

Tough critic
This kid was a tough critic

I couldn’t even get today’s stash in one picture!
When lilacs last in the dooryard bloomedMarket goodies for May 18Lettuces and herbs

Lilacs (learned today that smashing the stems with a hammer and soaking them in hot water perks them up perfectly!); rhubarb, so much lettuce, radishes, green garlic, bread, mushrooms, honey (basswood linden, my favorite), maple syrup,  plus some lettuces, oregano, lavender”>, and orange mint to plant. Hopefully these herbs will do better on my mostly shade porch than last year’s chives/parsley/lemon balm, and the squirrels will keep their grubby paws out of my lettuce.

Finally the sharpest knife in the drawer!How much rhubarb should we get?If only my porch got any sunGreen as far as the eye can seeI just want to stick my face in them allCurly-cue radish roots


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