What’s Cooking Wednesday: Almost Thanksgiving!

Just over a week to Thanksgiving! It’s tied with the 4th of July as my favorite food/friends/family holiday. While I don’t have any turkey (or mashed potato or stuffing) recipes to suggest for anyone’s feast, I thought it would be fun to see what I could contribute to the Thanksgiving table.

Let’s start with dessert (as all meals should, really). Might I suggest something slightly different along side the apple and pumpkin pie? How about a plum pie spiced with orange, brandy, ginger, cinnamon and a crunchy, crumbly, nutty topping? Yum.

Plum crumble pie

Cranberries? I have two options, both of which can be done in advance. Option one is equally good accompanying a perfect slice of turkey as it is stirred into a bowl of hot oatmeal on a cold morning–a fantastic conserve of cranberries and oranges, nuts and apricots. You can water-bath process it if you feel like it, or just store in the fridge.


Option two is for the slightly more adventurous: pickled spiced cranberries. The berries themselves are delicious, sweet and tart and an excellent complement to the richness of a Thanksgiving meal, but the syrup is equally amazing mixed with some seltzer (…and possibly a little vodka or gin).

Pickled cranberries

Need something to nibble on with said drink? These spiced candied nuts work nicely and conveniently are also delicious (with the pickled cranberries) on a post-Thanksgiving salad with leftover sweet potatoes and goat cheese.

Candied spiced walnuts

And finally, since I feel no meal is complete without bread in some way, shape, or form, cornmeal biscuits with green onion and black pepper. If these are a bit too casual for your dinner table, they do make for a particularly delicious turkey sandwich.

Flaky biscuits, topped with salt and pepper

What are you planning for your Thanksgiving meal (or the leftovers, which are obviously the second best part of the holiday)?


6 thoughts on “What’s Cooking Wednesday: Almost Thanksgiving!

  1. Just let me know how much of this wonderful bounty you are bringing home so that I can give Thanksgiving for you being such a foodie.


  2. Christina, your suggestions all sound very delicious. Like I said before, I wish you were my neighbor. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I hope you find the plums. Love


  3. I’ve made pickled cranberries before and I MUST make them again – amazing. My sis-in-law made pickled pumpkin this year and it was also amazing! Maybe I just love pickles?

    I made cranberry relish (the classic – ground up cranberries/apples/oranges/nuts), feathery potato rolls, dressing, and the turkey/gravy as my contribution this year. I adore Thanksgiving. I’ll continue to cook these flavors all winter long and I’m definitely making those cornmeal biscuits you linked to.


    1. It’s funny–I didn’t start liking pickles until I discovered you could pickle things other than cucumbers. Now I cant get enough! Pickled pumpkin sounds awesome.

      All your Thanksgiving dishes sound fantastic! It’s such a great foodie holiday.


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