What’s Cooking Wednesday: Gardens and Bake Sales

I was so on top of my garden this time last year, I had a whole map and planned out what I was going to plant each seasons and everything. This year, I have…chives. And a few returning strawberries. That’s all I’ve managed so far, and mostly because those are the things that came back from last year.

First peek at my 2015 garden--guess i won't need to buy chives this year! #petersongardenproject

But! Next weekend is the Peterson Garden Project Plant and Bake Sale, which I used last summer as my primary source of plants for my garden. I’ll definitely be getting purple tomatillos again, and tomatoes and basil of course, but honestly not sure what else I’ll plant. I suppose I’ll leave it up to inspiration to strike. In the meantime, this weekend will be all about getting my garden ready (it needs a good layer of compost) and filling all my other assorted pots with soil.

The sale will also be fun this year as I’m helping to organize the bake sale portion of the weekend. It’s been so fun getting a sneak peek at what people are planning to bring, and I can’t wait to see all the goodies (I already have my eye on a few things I want to bring home). I haven’t decided yet what I’ll make for the sale–thinking about pop-tarts with my homemade jam, maybe carrot cupcakes, maybe cheese puffs for something savory.

How is your garden going this year?


3 thoughts on “What’s Cooking Wednesday: Gardens and Bake Sales

  1. We’ve gone from a bad winter to “summer in August” in Rochester. High of 95 yesterday. So in the flower garden where I was struggling to find sprouts that would normally be showing themselves this time of year are now out and wilting. As for the square foot gardening that you coached me through last year, it will be pot gardening – no not what you are thinking! I will be eliminating the raised bed and just planing a few tomato plants and basil in pots. The farmers markets are “sprouting” around here and they have the expertise, land and patience that I don’t have with food gardening. I must say though, we do not have the selection of vegetables that you do in Chicago. I wish I saw the array of radishes that I saw in Chicago. Enjoy getting back into the soil.


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