New Year, New Food Swap!

Well, hello again! It’s been a minute (or 2 years) since my last post – while general life stuff, a new job, and travel have all kept me busy, I’ve missed sharing my cooking adventures here!

I’m not sure how often (or if) I’ll get back to posting regularly here, but I do want to share an exciting new endeavor starting this month – the Windy City Food Swap & Social! I’ve written about the Chicago Food Swap before (and it still holds a special place in my heart for introducing me to the food community in Chicago), and now I’m starting an offshoot with two friends so we can share, eat, drink, and meet more food-loving people.

We plan to meet monthly(ish) at a local brewery to swap our homemade goodies, with plenty of time to hang out, have a drink, share recipes, and generally have a good time. The part I’m most excited about (and the part that I’ve always loved most) is building a new community around sharing food.

If you’re in the Chicago area, I hope you can join us! Check out our website, join the Facebook group, or follow us on Instagram.

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