About the Blog
My Homespun Home is record of my favorite recipes and cooking tips–and the occasional project or recipe bust. Mistakes are how we learn, right?

My recipes are particularly seasonal, with the abundance of farmers markets around Chicago, along with my little urban vegetable garden, providing inspiration throughout the year.

My Homespun Home has been featured on the Cooking Channel blog, as well as the popular Food in Jars blog (1234). You can also see me in this short video about cookie swaps.

LondonAbout Christina
I come from a family with a long history with food—growing, cooking, eating, and sharing—and have continued that tradition after moving to Chicago from upstate New York 11 years ago. Cooking locally and seasonally has become both my passion and my daily bread, while my appetite has taken me around the country and abroad to learn what local, seasonal cooking tastes like elsewhere.

When my passion escapes the bounds of my kitchen, I can be found outside learning to grill something new, at the farmers market seeking out the first sour cherries, trading homemade jams and tarts at a Chicago Food Swap, or tending to my baby tomatoes at Peterson Garden Project’s Vedgewater garden.

After spending most of my day at a computer for my day job, it’s a source of peace and pride for me to come home and create something with my hands: food to nourish myself or others, a piece of art to hang on my wall, a refinished piece of furniture, a pretty pot of flourishing herbs. There’s nothing more satisfying than flour or paint-covered hands at the end of the day and something tangible to show for it.

Home, and all it implies, is my haven, and I get incredible joy from sharing it with others. I hope you find something here that inspires you to take on a project of your own!


13 thoughts on “About

  1. Christina, we are SO alike and feel like my home is my haven too with all the earthy stuff! Your blog is fantastic and loved the idea of beans, rice in those glass jars. I got rhubarb and told Kevin i need to make a pie. You’ll have to try currants – lil red sour jewels. 🙂 Love Aunt Sue


  2. Christina, your pictures are getting better each time. I love the recipes and your writing skills. It makes me proud that you can describe so passionately the food and home that you love


  3. Christina, Your blog was forwarded to me by your uncle Dave. I’m so impressed with the layout and format! About your project with the window frame; another idea is to use it to frame a mirror and hang it on a wall to open up a room that doesn’t have enough natural light. If finding a mirror the exact size is problematic choose small mirrors that fit each pane. I will ge following your recipes this summer.
    Regards, cinthia


    1. Thanks so much Cinthia! The mirror idea has occurred to me, my mom has something similar at her house and it looks great. If I can’t get the picture thing to work, that will be my next try.


  4. Hey Christina, I met you (sorta) at the chopping block on Sunday, looking thru I really like your work I’m going to pass your name along to some people I know that’ll like it. especially the canning.



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