Boozy Blackberry Kumquat Jam

It’s been…an embarrassingly long time since I posted an actual recipe here, but the jam I concocted the other night was absolutely too good not to share immediately.

Boozy Blackberry Kumquat Jam

I bought a flat of amazingly juicy blackberries at the market a few weeks ago, and the first thing I made with them (after I managed to stop eating them straight out of the basket) was blackberry liqueur (3 parts blackberries, 2 parts vodka, 1 part brandy). This may even surpass damson plum gin as my favorite infused booze.

A week or so later, I strained out the berries and tossed them with more fresh blackberries (3 pounds of fruit total) and a cup of sugar. Smashed up the berries a bit, tried not to eat it all right then with a spoon, tossed the bowl in the fridge for another day or two. And then last night, as I was getting ready to turn it into boozy blackberry jam, remembered a bag of whole candied kumquats in my cupboard. Lightbulb.

Blackberry and orange is a relatively common combination, but the slight bitterness of the kumquats (and their teeny tiny cuteness) turned out to be a perfect match with the juicy, rich blackberries. I can’t wait to use this on a cheese plate, or, frankly, just on a spoon.

Boozy Blackberry Kumquat Jam
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Summer stragglers

Before they’re gone for another eight months, I’ve been thinking about the signs of summer, especially at night.

Time for eating
Back then, it was “hoo hoo”s from the owls in the woods behind the house, the heck-heck bugs (as we called them) and crickets chirping their way through to morning, the occasional “whoosh” from a car speeding past the house way too late while I hid under my covers from the one mosquito that always seemed to find its way through my window screen. Summer was the slow red blink of “my” light, the beacon at the top of an electrical tower that I saw every night from my bedroom window.

Zesty Blackberries Sugared

Now summer sounds more like sirens from the nearby fire station and a more constant “whoosh” of city traffic, with the occasional note progression of wind chimes. It sounds like the hum of bugs that I thought for the longest time were the buzz of power lines. Summer looks like twinkly lights twisting around my porch railing through my screen door, and a block of sun inching its way across my porch in the evening.

Where all good things start Batter Covering Covered Somewhat smooth

I’ll take summer any way I can get it as long as it comes with peaches and berries and corn and blue skies and beaches and a cake or two. It looks like Chicago has one more day of 90’s left in it, which I will be enjoying to its fullest (an unrelated-to-food note: any Chicagoans looking for something to do this weekend, be sure to stop by the Renegade Craft Fair and check out my sister Erica’s booth for some amazing jewelry!)

I hope I’m not too late in sharing this with you. I hope you can find a half a peach and a few berry stragglers to make one more summer dessert.

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