Figuring out fall–and printing photos

Fall always seems to catch me off guard. I feel it coming weeks ahead so I make pies, I eat apples, I can things in jars…and then it’s 40 degrees and my brain freezes and all I can think to cook are pork chops and potatoes and eggs–not all at the same time, mind you, but I’m in withdrawal from fresh greens and raw vegetables and dinners that take under 20 minutes to put together and eat while it’s still light outside. I’m struggling with my usual fall cooking inspiration, trying to figure out what my body wants other than to simply start hibernating. In the meantime, though, I found another really cool art project. Maybe I’ll actually hang some of the art I’ve made this summer soon!

IMG_0002 (23)
Clockwise from top: black and white image with an inkjet, color copy with an inkjet, color image on a laserjet

While I’m dealing with the change to fall, every store I walk into seems hellbent on insisting that Christmas is right around the corner. I will fight them until December 1, but if you’re the type to think that far ahead, this project would make a great Christmas gift–it’s easy to make very personal but it’s also inexpensive if you want to make several to give to friends and family.

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Art for the non-artist

If I’m honest, I don’t consider myself particularly artistic–my sisters both are “legitimate” artists as photographers and jewelers. Maybe it’s my tendency to overthink my efforts or my preference towards order and symmetry; maybe I just found a different creative outlet in literature and writing.


That said, I don’t even consider this an art project because it’s so easy and takes so little effort or thought–and therefore there is very little for me to over-think. It was also incredibly inexpensive for the results. I think all the supplies, minus the frames, cost less than $20. I really encourage anyone (especially those who don’t think they’re artistic) to try this; it’s a lot of fun, it would be great for kids, and the end results look store (or independent-artist)-bought. Continue reading